Halo Infinite Graphics are "meh"

Halo Infinite Graphics are “meh”

During PAX East 2020, WCCF Tech interviewed Alexander Mishulin, Creative Director of Pathfinder: Kingmaker. He has made bold statements regarding the graphic quality of Halo Infinite. Discover the part of the interview concerning Halo Infinite by WCCF Tech here.

Mishulin discussed his thoughts on Halo Infinite for the Xbox Series X: “I would definitely buy them. I set aside a large sum of money for this. I really like the fast loading times. For example, I played Marvel’s Spider-Man, it’s a great game, but eventually jumping between regions, I got tired of [riding] the Subway. I don’t expect much difference in terms of graphics because when Microsoft introduced the new Xbox and the new Halo, I was surprised to think that I personally didn’t see any difference now. For our artists, there is a big difference, but not for me ”.

He added, “I sort of expect the games to go the same way they do now with the consoles. For a while, for a few years, while people learn how to get the most out of consoles, we will continue to play a mix of generations and the games will be very similar, but then someone will do something really crazy. We will see”.

To reiterate: each time a new console is launched, it usually takes years before developers are really able to code to fully optimize its graphics. Either way, I’m sure the graphics will be impressive on both generations of consoles.



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