Turmoil @ 343 Industries Threaten Halo Infinite

Turmoil @ 343 Industries Threaten Halo Infinite

This story was originally revealed by u / TheHammeredDog and @steppey so I’m definitely opening this up with a special thank you to them.

Glassdoor – 343 Industries Company Review

Our story focuses on Glass door. Glassdoor’s website platform which is “built on the basis of increased workplace transparency, Glassdoor offers millions of the latest job openings, combined with a database of company reviews“. Quite similar to LinkedIn to give context.

There are several reviews of 343 Industries on Glassdoor, which raises legitimate concerns about the development of Halo Infinite. Specifically, it’s about focusing on the Slipspace engine itself, which has been touted as new, cutting edge and designed to carry the franchise over the next decade. An additional concern is that the full range of Halo Infinite would have been reduced, all of which is necessary to meet the strict deadline for the release of Holiday 2020.

The problems don’t seem to end there either with complaints about a high turnover rate within the company. In fact, some claim that most of the team that brought Halo 5 together is no longer part of the company.

Some of these reviews go on to discuss the toxic 343i work environment, many of them working on it just long enough to get the “worked on Halo” box in the resume box.

Trustworthy Reviews?

While it’s important to note, anyone can sign up for Glassdoor and post reviews. The level of technical detail included with seemingly insider information leads me to believe that the reviews in question are more like those of current or former legitimate employees.

Halo Infinite: development problems?

Are there enough here to worry? I think there really are. Although some comments may relate to other 343i projects and may not necessarily reflect Halo Infinite itself. There are enough details where we can point to Halo Infinite in many cases.

Hopefully with the time remaining before the release, 343i can silence the critics and deliver the game, we fans, deserve and expect.

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